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Madison & Chartres 16x20 NVP_190710_026_0280Madison Night 16x20 NVP_190710_021_0275Mandeville Light House 20x30 NVP_171129_0025_6621Lighthouse20x30Lower Pontalba Winter 12x18 NVP_171219__001Walk to the LightJackson Square - Selenium Light TonedNVP_NOLA_130704_0186NVP_VieuxCarreGallery_140926_0232-Bestfor-11x14NVP_JIP_111220_9508Christmas in the Square #2Upward to HeavenOverlooking the SquareFog in the SquareOverlooking the SquareRed Lady 2024 #1- City ParkFog on the RiverReady to RideChristmas in the SquareBronze Vendor in the MarketStreet Car Avenue #1